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We are a non-profit, pit bull rescue, based out of Central Florida and the Bay area of California.

We have a great network of fosters and volunteers who have a passion for saving lives!

Our purpose is to rescue pitbulls while educating the public about animal overpopulation.
Our goal is to be part of a solution for ending overpopulation in our shelters, while continuing to maintain a positive name for pitbull type dogs!

Pitbulls are the most over-bred breed of dog in the country, in turn; they are the most common shelter dog and have the highest euthanasia rate.
We are working hard to change those numbers, along with the stigma attached to these amazing creatures! With education and love, we plan to change the minds of the public and the lives of pitbulls everywhere!

We conduct mandatory home visits for all potential fosters/adopters. Our adoption fees is $150. Our dogs come fully vetted, spayed/neutered and micro-chipped.

We are always looking for foster homes! Please email contact@sniffingsnouts.com if you are able to help save a life! We provide everything needed.


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